Education Committee

The AVP USA Education Committee has been active since 1992. In 1976, a year after AVP workshops started in Green Heaven prison the group formed the Education Committee to unite up the exercises and facilitation process into manuals. In 1992 the AVP New York Education Committee became the AVP USA Education Committee.
In 2008 after the forming of the AVP International Education Committee. The International Committee started to unite the Facilitator Training Manual published in 2013.

The USA Education Committee focuses on writing the AVP reference manuals, the translation of the Companion Manuals, and the development of the AVP Education Network to support collaborative manual writing.

The AVP International Education Committee focus on providing the link or interface between AVP groups worldwide and the AVP USA Education Committees collaborative writing process.

The AVP International Education Committee contacts local AVP groups to find out their manual needs, how many manuals the have, support the provision of new manuals, what language translations they need, collect local manuals and translations, exercises and resources. Make these resources available for other AVP Groups. Support the development of local AVP Manual libraries.

The vision is to provide all AVP facilitators with quality AVP manuals.
Many groups are developing manual libraries to enable all facilitators access to shared manual resources.

The AVP Education Committee have a number of working groups and AVP facilitators are invited to join these groups and see their progress.